St. Jude's High School Profile

Welcome to St. Jude's High School, Madhyamgram; a home to the Judeans. We believe in Truth, Sincerity and Frankness from the foundation of Education. Here opportunities are endless but the goal is one; to achieve excellence. We believe that we need to come together to be sensitive towards the community we live in, to love, to serve, to lead, to integrate and to move forward. This communication is the bridge that leads to a happier and healthier path towards excellence. - MRS. SANJUKTA CORREA

Inspired by the charisma of St. Jude, St. Jude's High School was established as a Catholic English Medium School. While the prime purpose of the establishment of St. Jude's High School was the education of pupils of all faiths, irrespective of caste, creed or community, helping them to achieve all round development namely physical, mental and spiritual, moulding them into fit and worthy citizens of our motherland – India. St. Jude's High School is a learning community which has St. Jude's as its central motivating force. His values, as expressed in the beatitudes and summed up with the virtues of love, sincerity, justice and freedom will so permeate the atmosphere that students of all social background, even the most deprived ones, of all religions, feel welcome in the loving warmth which cherishes even as it challenges. The School will foster all round growth and development of each student to his/her full potential – spiritually, intellectually and physically; it will guide them in the development of a sound value system and will inculcate in them a deep love and appreciation for their culture and country. The school will try to create an atmosphere in which the student finds scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their life and to develop not only in the knowledge and skills but also in that wisdom which is the fruit of life and its lessons. The education imparted is characterised by thoroughness, high principles and freedom. The student is helped to grow in responsibility, self – guidance and human maturity, so that they find meaning and purpose in their life and is inspired to live and work for the building of a just and fraternal society. Hence the idea of service is set before the pupil who is trained to be concerned for others, to be aware of their needs and to make sacrifices when necessary, to share what they have with the less privileged. Efforts will therefore be needed to instil a sense of community rather than a spirit of competition. It is hoped that our pupils will find in Saint Jude a fitting model for emulation, which is summed up in the slogan of our school i.e. "Integer Vitae" meaning "The Integrated Life".

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  • ESTD Year : 2001
  • institute Category (Girls)
  • Computer Lab available
  • Hostel available for Boys
  • Authority Type : Govt
  • Session Availibility : SingleSession
  • Distance Education : Avialable
  • Board Name : wbuohs
  • Only Veg meal available
  • Libery available
  • Transport for Specific route
  • Institute type : Institute
  • Online Education : Avialable
  • Payment Mode : Online

Our Facilities

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Plot No.160, Gate No. 1 (2nd Right Lane from the Municipality towards Sodepur) Basunagar, Madhyamgram Kolkata-700129